Alexandra Georgieva loves drinking coffee on the beach early in the morning and reading books or meeting fairy tale characters. She has blue hair and 13 tattoos. She works as a primary school teacher in Burgas. She believes that words possess certain magic and she wants to show this magic to children every day. She believes that grown-ups can see it too.

She is the author of the Agatha series. ‘Agatha appeared on the beach one September morning. She was very happy because she could run freely without worrying that she will step on someone’s towel. Then she showed up at Christmas and reminded me where the real winter magic lies. At the end of the summer we ate pancakes with jam and she allowed me to record her adventures.’ – says Alexandra Georgieva. Meet Agatha, you will surely be enchanted by the meeting, because to find yourself in a new and unfamiliar environment is exciting, isn’t it.