Boris Stoilov lives in Plovdiv, works on a computer, reads in daylight, dreams and paints. He has been illustrating books for over 30 years. ‘Few years ago, I counted that I have made more than 3,000 illustrations and 600 books, now I have stopped counting them’ he says. His work is related to his personal attitude to the written word. Boris reads the author’s words with respect and turns dreams into colourful illustrations. Thus new paintings were born for the editions of The Little Prince, The Wonderful Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Young Englishman. In recent years, he has worked primarily for publishers in Canada, Romania and the United States. In his free time, he also curates exhibitions with strong emphasis on details. ‘Every time I do something and people enjoy it, I am happy’ said Boris Stoilov. Share the happiness with the artist.