For Kapka Kaneva in the game “Stone, scissors, paper”, the paper always comes out the winner, but Kapka loves the light real drawings create. What excite her are paper sculpture, illustration and book design and these are the areas of her creative work. ‘I am involved in illustration and book design. In recent years, I have been creating mainly paper objects, which I photograph under different lighting and angles,’ says Kapka Kaneva. She graduated ‘Book and Printed Graphics’ and currently is a professor at the National Academy of Arts. She works for the publishing houses “Panorama”, “List”, “Altera”, “Janet 45”, eta Verlag, Berlin and others. The most exciting project in which she participates is “The Tree of the Classics” by Oxford University Press. She was invited to design the covers of a collection ‘Adapted classic for teenagers’, and she has created it entirely with the means of paper plastic. She started her creative work in book design in 2014 and she continues working in the field and has published about 20 books.