Krassimir Prodanov has many gifts – translator, journalist, editor, author of the collection “Bag of Tales”, co-author of the textbook ‘Friend for the holidays’, creator of the Facebook pages ‘Sun Food’, ‘Workshop for magic writing’, ‘From love to the Czech Republic.’

He is in love with his hometown of Burgas, and at the same time he loves the Czech Republic, the Czech language and Czech culture. He is a vegetarian, practices yoga, loves to take care of stray animals, in general, loves everything that is born on this earth – fruits, vegetables, flowers.

‘In fact, my whole personal philosophy is built on the fact that there is a world beyond this one – the more we feel its manifestation in ourselves, the better our world will be, a world in which we meet, get to know each other, smile” – says Krassimir Prodanov . Get to know him, his translated books and you will surely smile.