Maria Doneva loves books – she loves to read books, to write books, to edit, to translate, to discuss books, to carry them in her bag, to stand in a room with books, to leaf through them, to look at them, to own them. For this reason, she always strives for her work to be directly or indirectly related to literature. She was Bulgarian Language and Literature teacher, she staged plays with patients at the State Psychiatric Hospital in Radnevo, she worked with children with disabilities, with the theater group ‘Look’ at the Union of Visually Impaired people, she staged plays at the Psychiatric Day Centre in Stara Zagora. She is author of poetry and short prose books. She translates children’s stories from English. She has created and works at the youth literary club “Untitled” with several groups of children – from preschool to fourth grade and high school students. She is a playwright at the Geo Milev State Theater in Stara Zagora.

“The happier I am, the healthier I will be. That’s why I think that the more you do the things you love, the healthier you will be “, Maria Doneva is convinced.