Maya Dalgacheva is author of books for children and adults, songs, plays. But most of her work is dedicated to children. She writes fairy tales, poems, riddles, songs, musicals, puppet shows… Works by Maya Dalgacheva have been translated into English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Serbian. They are present in a number of poetic anthologies in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as in textbooks, collections and teachers books for preschool and primary school age. She currently lives in Germany.

“Fairy tales and miracles are everywhere,” she said. – I think there is no person who cannot think of at least one miracle in his or her life. And each of us writes our own story, independent of the fact whether we realise it or not. There are as many narrators as there are people on earth, we are a living library… ”
Here is a short interview with Maya

1. What was your childhood dream and has it come true?

I had a myriad of dreams. And they have always come true at the speed of miracles – so fast that I often needed to follow them with an open mouth. I can’t point out a single one, but I’m grateful for their realisation – it opens up space for new dreams. Here I will quote a friend of mine who said to me recently: ‘I don’t think we choose our dreams – I think we are chosen by them.’

2. What do you dream about today?

I dream of a clean and peaceful Bulgaria. I dream of time for contemplation and listening. To be able to give the children everything I have gathered along the way. To meet again healthy and smiling.

3. What does it take to be a writer?

Huge suitcase of own experiences, enough silence, vivid words, heart.

4. Could you finish the sentence ‘Reading is magic’: “Reading is magic because it can turn you into Moomintrol, it can teleport you to Narnia, it can make you cry, it can make you laugh, it can make you dream, and it can take you to places inside yourself that you have not imagine they existed.

5. Why should children read and what will you wish them?

Because otherwise they will miss thousands of friends and adventures, they will miss excitement and different points of views, they will miss wisdom and magic, mischief and laughter – with books they can live lives that they cannot otherwise live. Reading is an augmented reality – an abundance of distant but accessible worlds.

I wish all the children to feel that desire to read books that we remember from our childhood.

6. “Tell me in rhymes” about something beloved and noticeable?

If someone asks me what the my home country is,
I will give him to eat some ripe blackberries.
I will tell him: “It smells like mommy’s dress.
It’s like a tear of a child that needs a caress!
Like the footsteps of a father who returns home at night.
like grandpa’s house, Like grandmother’s pie … “