Nevena Angelova does not like ice cream, nor chocolate, but if you are contesting the title ‘Apple Destroyer’, she wil be a strong competitor. She has no favorite color, but she is rather looking for interesting color combinations. And she is one of the best illustrator artists in Bulgaria. Born in Burgas, in the family of a writer and a woodcarver. ‘Naturally, I love books and fine arts. In fact, I perceive myself as an artist,’says Nevena Angelova. She graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, her major was Illustration and Printed Graphics. She has been teaching painting at the same academy for 10 years. She is the author of the illustrations and layout of dozens of printed publications for children and adults – “The Warm Man”, “Uncle Tit”, “Little Prayer Book” and others. Her collages and icons are owned by collectors from Bulgaria, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.